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Book ↠ The Bookseller Of Kabul Download Å Feedmarkformulate É ❤ [KINDLE] ❃ The Bookseller Of Kabul: The International Bestseller By Ingrid Christophersen ➣ – THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERForthan twenty years Sultan Khan a bookseller in Kabul defied the authTHE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERForthan twenty years Sultan Khan a bookseller in Kabul defied the authorities be they communist or Taliban to supply books to the people of Kabul He was arrested interrogated and imprisoned by the communists and watched illiterate Taliban soldiers burn piles of his books in the street He even resorted to hiding most of his stock in attics all over Kabul But while Kha Gives an excellent perspective of how life is for women in particular in Afghanistan Supposedly improved since the Taliban has left but this gives a different insight Although the burkhas have gone and opportunity seems to have increased this book reveals the continuing power exerted by males in families and the level of oppression experienced by womenIt also displays the hierarchy of wealth within the society and the power that can be wielded over the weak and vulnerableI would recommend reading this book but would not describe it as an enjoyable read

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N is passionate in his love of books and hatred of censorship he is also a committed Muslim with strict views on family life Two weeks after September 11th award winning journalist sne Seierstad went to Afghanistan to report on the conflict there and the year after she lived with an Afghan family for several months As an outsider Asne Seierstad is able to move between the private world of the w This is a brilliantly written engaging read but it has to be one of the most monumentally depressing books I've ever read The fact that it's based on real characters and real events makes it doubly depressingIt's an interesting picture of one family living in Kabul shortly after the Taliban and keeps the reader involved but there isn't a shred of joy or hope in the entire book Each of its characters except perhaps the main character Sultan is trapped miserable and unfulfilled in a life they neither wanted nor chose

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The Bookseller Of Kabul The International BestsellerOmen including Khans two wives and thepublic lives of the men And so we learn of proposals and marriages suppression and abuse of power crime and punishment The result is a gripping and moving portrait of a family and a clear eyed assessment of a country struggling to free itself from historyAn intimate portrait of Afghani people uite unlike any other a compelling read CHRISTINA LAMB SUNDAY TIM It is beyond me to understand how this book got published and even less so awarded prizes It completely lacks plot character development and empathy it's a useless collection of happenings in which we the readers are thrown into without a single effort to make us care about what we read This will remain in my top five of worst books I ever had the displeasure of wasting time with