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EPUB ´ MOBI Pieces of Me ò Cedar Mountain University FREE ↠ [Epub] ❦ Pieces of Me (Cedar Mountain University, #1) Author Ann Garner – For Delaney Roberts moving across country and away from everyone who knew her darkest secrets was the last chance she had at normal When sheTy she isn't focused on making friends or falling in love She just wants to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and fit them back together the best she canCole Marsh hadn't settled down s ♥ ♥ HOLY CRAP FIVE STARS ♥ ♥I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewCole Marsh Delaney Roberts Delaney was starting college in North Carolina trying to escape her past in Oregon Delaney is determined to start fresh and pick up the pieces of her past Delaney and her roommate Grace hit off a friendship immediately Delaney was not planning on falling in love but when she meets Grace's brother Cole Marsh she cannot resist the attraction Cole Marsh wants Delaney to be able to trust him with her deep dark secrets but will she be able to allow him in? I loved Delaney as a character because she was self determined and I loved how she developed in the book Cole Marsh was so sweet to Delaney throughout the novel He really wanted Delaney to be able to trust him and he always let her know that she could He was loving and patient towards Delaney as she was trying to pick up the shattered pieces of her pastWhat if I said I wasn't looking for the same thing I was before? What if I said I wanted and I wanted it with you because you're exactly what I'm looking for? I love you Cole I never thought was going to get to say that to anyone I never thought I was going to be standing here in this spot wanting to make the next moveThank you Ann Garner for letting me read your FANTASTIC work I loved every bit of it I finished this in less than a day and could not get my nose out of it I recommend this book to everyone

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Ince getting his heart broken three years before But one look at the sexy brunette with the sad blue eyes and he’s lost But can he convince her to trust him enough to put the past behind her There was nothing original about this storyline I feel like I've read it a hundred times before Girl has secret past meets a boy falls instantly in love withholds the secret only for it to break them up blah blah blahThe problem with this book is yes Delaney has a secret pastnormally in a book like this we will get little snippets along the way up to the big reveal near the end but around 20% of this story when the characters are having a conversation Delaney's internal thoughts suddenly announce what happened to her I'm not sure why the author did this it ruined the build up as from that point on I knew what had happened to her four years ago We don't get the full story until she confesses to Cole near the end but even then the full story had holes in it Why did the person do what he did? It was weak in my opinionAs for Delaney and Cole I felt no connection between them at all no attraction no chemistry We don't get to read much of their actual relationship It's glossed over or fast forwarded in the storyline Therefore when the part came when the author wanted me to feel something I felt nothing The way Cole's sister Grace reacted to Delaney's past seemed ridiculous to me and then of course everything is neatly wrapped up in the epilogue but for me that part with Grace and the part with Delaney's Dad should have been in a chapter near the end and not rushed in the epilogueI think the author should have taken time with it and padded it out plus all the characters needed fleshing out and we needed of Delaney and Cole's relationship and to feel their love The story did have potential it just fell flat for me

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Pieces of Me Cedar Mountain University #1 For Delaney Roberts moving across country and away from everyone who knew her darkest secrets was the last chance she had at normal When she starts her freshman year at Cedar Mountain Universi Pieces of Me by Ann GarnerAnn Garner first book is called Pieces of Me I am not sure I have enough words to express how much I truly enjoyed reading this story there are some many beautiful words and feelings that come across in this novel that it’s hard to express the emotions you have while reading Pieces of Me There are many NA books coming out of late but I have to say this is one of the best ones I have read There are parts of this book that stick with you And you carefully gather the pieces of yourself You collect them together in your mind The old pieces the new pieces the ones that are too shattered for you to tell what they are You collect them and hold them close You will need these pieces one dayPieces of Me is story of a young woman named Delaney who moves thousands miles away from her home town and parents She wants to start fresh where no one knows her and what better place to start besides the beginning of her college years As you get to know Delaney you know something has happened to her you can feel the heartbreak and the sadness Delaney’s dorm mate is Grace who has been raised in a very loving affectionate home and growing up with a bunch of brothers makes Grace a fun character to get to know Grace and Delaney become fast friendsGrace does everything she can to bring Delaney out of her shell making her go out introducing her to her friends and her brothers Delaney has some personal struggles being around so many people and at times she cannot handle all of it Keeping herself away from people has kept her sheltered and not very comfortable in social situations Some of the situations are funny and heartbreaking But you cheer for Delaney each step she takes in reclaiming her lifeThen of course there is Cole he is heartwarming and you begin to see that he truly cares for Delaney he is a nice young man who has had his fun but see’s Delaney as someone he really wants to get to know Delaney of course feels the attraction but she is not sure she could ever truly let someone close never mind touch her The small touches and the comfort she feels immediately in Cole’s presence does say something to Delaney but can she ever trust himOf course things don’t go smoothly for Delaney and she makes some big mistakes not sure she can fix things with her new friends she ends up pulling and slipping awayPieces of Me is a beautifully written story it’s about finding the strength to move on love trust and finding the courage to become the person you always wanted to be I have rated Pieces of Me a 5 star rating and highly recommend it to anyone who is reading my review to go purchase a copy you will not be disappointed