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FREE PDF ´ BOOK Hell Bound Æ FEEDMARKFORMULATE ´ ❮Download❯ ➾ Hell Bound ➹ Author Andrew P. Weston – In hell everyone can hear you scream HELL BOUND Andrew P Weston's diabolical new novel of the underverse from Perseid Press Frederic Chopin Dr Thomas Neill Cream and tIn hell everyone can hear you scream HELL BOUND Andrew P Weston's diabolical new novel of the underverse from Perseid Press Frederic Chopin Dr Thomas Neill Cream and the most despicable souls ever ca REVIEW HELL BOUND by Andrew WestonHELL BOUND is an exciting uproarious tour of the underverse in the company of the illustrious Daemon Grim he who performs soul reaping duties on behalf of His Satanic Majesty When not out and about in the performance of his duties Grim enjoys pleasant passionate interludes with the beauteous Inuisitor Strawberry Fields and an animosity of eternal duration with Hellegal' s own much feared UndertakerAndrew Weston' s luxurious prose keeps the dimensions spinning and the underverse vividly delineated

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U should know by now how dark my soul is Even in the best of times I can't be tempted or reasoned with I don't feel sorrow or remorse And never express a shred of sympathy for anyone I'm sent to reap Review copyAndrew P Weston is Royal Marine and Police veteran from the UK who now lives on the beautiful Greek island of Kos with his wife Annette and their growing family of rescue cats He is the creator of the international number one bestseller The IX On weekends you might find him drinking Earl Grey Tea whilst dressed as Captain Jean Luc PicardHell Bound is new novel of the underverse from Perseid PressIt's not often that this happens I'm generally pretty good with selecting the stories I want to read but I really didn't care for Hell Bound as much as I though I wouldConceptually it sounds like I should love this story about Satan's Bounty Hunter Daemon Grim and his personal posse of trackers Nimrod Champ Ferguson and Yamato Takeru Known collectively as the Hell Hounds There are a number of interesting characters as well as a generally engrossing story but it wasn't enough to overcome the cutesy approach to HellWhat I mean by cutesy is calling just about everything in Hell by the antithesis of its name from the world above This uickly became annoying and distracted me from enjoying the story but the author continued to pile them on throughout the book Things like the Fiendish Bureau of Investigation; instead of a bible in each room of a hotel they have a copy of Dante's Inferno; there's a ship called HSMS Titanic His Satanic Majesty's Ship; there's been a lot of chatter on the white market and on and onAlthough the story is self contained there are than enough loose ends to warrant a seuel a seuel I'm nearly certain I'll be skippingHell Bound is available now as an e book from Perseid Press

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Hell BoundSt into hell face Daemon Grim Satan's bounty hunter in HELL BOUND the Heroes in Hell novel by bestselling author of The IX Andrew P Weston Perseid Press invites you to meet Daemon Grim if you dare Yo The main character in Hell Bound is Daemon Grim Satan’s bounty hunter also known as the Reaper Not only does he hunt down any damned soul in Hell who gets on the wrong side of His Satanic Majesty he has the power to visit our world and harvest those who belong in Hell souls Satan wants in Hell now Grim can travel between Earth and Hell using a special sickle or scythe that can open portals between the two realms This scythe also possesses a powerful weapon called God Grace’s which gives Grim the ability to utterly destroy souls Since there’s no death in Hell as we know it the Damned are already dead there is instead Reassignment a twisted version of resurrection handled by an unsavory character known only as the Undertaker However there is Oblivion — total obliteration into non existence Grim’s weapon gives him the power to send souls howling into eternal nothingness The plot concerns Grim’s mission to track down Doctor Thomas Neill Cream the English physician who in real life was the brilliant and infamous Lambeth Poisoner Cream has been stealing long hidden relics and angelic weapons from the Time of the Sundering when Satan and his followers were cast out of Heaven All history and knowledge of the Sundering is banned in Hell but Cream may have illegal access to Satan’s bureaucratic network Thus he and his crew of cohorts including Frederick Chopin have been able to steal these ancient artifacts one by one Cream is clever and manages to stay one step ahead of Grim always avoiding capture and Reassignment Cream is playing a cat and mouse game with Grim leaving clues in place of each stolen artifact — clues written in the form of poetic riddles which Cream must unravel The first of these clues included a piece of carbonized bone from a Heavenly angel who was destroyed in the original battle of the Sundering How did Cream get his hands on that What are his plans What is his ultimate goal Weston has not only expanded the scope of the Heroes in Hell series he has introduced new themes and concepts and new characters He creates a fresh vision of Hell and presents to us a seedy underworld uniuely his own Grim lives in Olde London Town a macabre mockery of our earthly London Rather than make up strange sounding nearly unpronounceable names and because Hell is a twisted echo of Earth Weston as do all those who write for Heroes in Hell comes up with names and titles that bear a warped familiarity to places and things we know For example Paris is Perish Seine River is River Inseine Drury Lane is Dreary Lane Piccadilly Circus is Icepiccadilly Westminster in Westmonster and so on That’s all part of the fun part of the gallows humor that is inherent in Hell Everything on Earth has its infernal counterpart in Hell Not only do we go through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole when entering Hell we also enter another diabolical dimension where not only pain and torment and suffering rule there’s also a grand touch of irony to everything that happens in the underworlds Hell mimics Earth in a very fiendish way Hell Bound is an epic and fast paced adventure It’s a manhunt in Hell brought to life by Weston’s literary style and prose that often reach poetic levels of grace But the heart of the story is Daemon Grim a character who works for Satan a character who is supposed to be evil and villainous but often comes across as heroic and valiant Walking that fine line is part of Weston’s talent You can’t reason with Grim or tempt him He feels no pity sorrow or remorse And yet he has a wicked sense of humor very good manners never lies and he values truth honesty and loyalty These make him a paradox and part of the mystery We’re never told exactly who or what he is — or was Grim’s an enigma he can’t remember anything before his awakening in Hell and that final revelation will no doubt eventually play out in future novels As powerful ruthless and deadly as he is Grim is also very much a human character with flaws and virtues — yes even in Hell the Damned can have virtues This is part of the fun and part of the puzzle of Hell Bound and why I enjoyed it so much Daemon Grim carried the story on his shoulders and kept me reading to the last page What’s you need not be familiar with any other books in the Heroes in Hell series in order to enjoy Hell Bound but it will add to enjoyment if you are