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T favorite book with over readers online her. I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this as I never bother to read the blub on the cover of any of amandas books shes yet to write one I haven't enjoyed and this one certainly doesnt dissapoint Molly is a phenomenal character and someone I could relate to on so many levels I loved to concept of the sotry with it starting at age 94 and then going back to the first world war when Mollys life became anything but ordinary I always find that Amanda is so gifted in the way she manages to portray the complicated family dyniamics and emotional baggage that her characters have There's no fakeness or unrealistic situations to try and get your head around I also love that theres no really awkward sex scenes with dodgy descriptions of body parts to endure only suggestion and I really enjoy that I found the story fascinating and enthralling The timespan intreguing and the end frustrating because I simply didnt want it to end I hope there is another glimmer into the lives within the cover maybe a short story or two This was the perfect antidote to a year of chaos and confusion and feeling like things are pretty rough To read what families had to endure how mental health support was unheard of how limited life could be really puts things into perspective I have an elderly grandmother who was evacuated as a child during the war and I often whilst reading this was thinking of her and what her childhood was like and how different her life could have been if she was any older It really is a beautifully told story of love selflessness hope and determination One I have already recommended to friends and family

Summary An Ordinary Life

An Ordinary LifeAmazing Kindle Epub An Ordinary Life By Aman. Brilliant brilliant brilliantThere was nothing ordinary about the life of 94 year old Molly Marvellous Molly or M to those who loved herBut who would think it of an elderly woman uietly going about her lifeAs she lays on her hospital bed we are taken through her story spanning from the midst of World War 2 up to the present dayMolly as many women did stepped up in WW2 working hard to bolster the efforts of the country both in legal some illicit waysAlong the way she fell in love but sometimes fate has a nasty way of dashing all your hopes and dreamsI really don't want to give away any spoilers but let me just say Molly's story her secrets and how the story ends really touched meThe vivid setting descriptions written by Amanda Prowse the words used to convey the emotions of the characters all worked and I was hooked all the way through What a heroine Marvellous MThanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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An Ordinary Life Download ¿ 107 ´ [KINDLE] ❀ An Ordinary Life ❄ Amanda Prowse – Amazing Kindle Epub, An Ordinary Life By Amanda Prowse This is the best favorite book with over 789 readers online here. Amazing Kindle Epub, An Ordinary Life By Amanda Prowse This An Ordinary PDF/EPUB ² Da Prowse This An Ordinary PDFEPUBis the bes. What a blockbuster of a book Amanda has departed from her usual genre to some extent in this absorbing story which starts out during world war two and spans the years in between right up to the present day The format may have changed but the human interest at the heart of the story is handled with Amanda's usual deft touch We see events through the eyes of Marvellous Molly or M as she has been christened by the handsome soldier brother of her best friend Dragged reluctantly out for a drink after work Molly is introduced to handsome Jo and for both of them it's a coup de foudre It's a love that will inform and mould the rest of Molly's long life A few snatched moments is all they have before Jo is killed during preparations for DDay landings Molly is left bereft and pregnant at a time when being an unmarried mother meant disgrace and stigma Determined to keep her precious baby Molly hides the pregnancy from all but her devoted older sister Joyce who poignantly is unable to bear children with her devoted husband Albert Molly gives birth alone in the bathroom of the home she still shares with her unbending remote mother Disowned by her mother bereft by her all consuming grief for Jo and losing her job at the war ministry Molly is recruited thanks to her fluent French to embark on a dangerous mission to occupied France Fired by a burning desire to avenge her beloved' s death and to ensure her son grows up in a safer world she agrees to allow Joyce and Albert to take little Jo to live with them in the country where he will be safer The sisters agree he will be returned after the war There follows a story spanning 8 decades encompassing grief loss the human cost of war heroism in it's many forms and ultimately the greatest of all emotions love This glorious book would make the most wonderful television saga and I hope some far sighted producer reads it and makes it happen I would give this book than 5 were it possible Absolutely spellbinding Another triumph from the incomparable Amanda Prowse