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read kindle Ù The Definitive Book of Body Language Ó Hardcover ë [KINDLE] ❆ The Definitive Book of Body Language Author Allan Pease – Available for the first time in the United States this international bestseller reveals the secrets of nonverbal communication to give yoOf liars• How the legs reveal what the mind wants to do• The most common male and female courtship gestures and signals• The secret signals of cigarettes glasses and makeup• The magic of smiles–including smiling advice for women• How to use nonverbal cues and signals to communicate effectively and get the reactions you wantFilled with fascinating insights humorous observations and simple strategies that you can apply to any situation this intriguing book will enrich your communication with and understanding of others–as well as yoursel I rarely read every word of non fiction books but this is one of the rare exceptions It's not even particularly fascinating But it is interesting enough to hold my attention without skipping or skimming over anything ALMOST four stars It wasn't awesome enough to go out and purchase but it would be great to have around all the time for reference when the fancy strikes I doubt I'll remember this stuff on my own as well as I'd like toI'm sure that for a few days at least I'll be watching everyone around me to try to guess their secret thoughts like a mind reader ha ha Next step rule the worldNote It appears from the descriptions in the book that I display some body language characterized by male dominance for those who don't know me I am a smallish female Has anyone I know noticed this about me I personally had never noticed Does it unnerve you as the book says it would I wonder if they are learned behaviors that I picked up because most of my friends have been male through my adolescence and young adulthood I did not view myself as a dating option for them but a social eual Or am I simply a aggressive than average woman Hmmmmakes me want to observe myself better

epub · The Definitive Book of Body Language ô Allan Pease

Experts on the subject share their techniues for reading Definitive Book of PDFEPUB #187 body language signals to achieve success in every area of lifeDrawing upon than thirty years in the field as well as cutting edge research from evolutionary biology psychology and medical technologies that demonstrate what happens in the brain the authors examine each component of body language and give you the basic vocabulary to read attitudes and emotions through behavior Discover• How palms and handshakes are used to gain control• The most common gestures 355This book was very difficult to rate On one hand it's a pretty comprehensive guide of human gestures and postures aided in their understanding by suggestive illustrations On the other hand I kept getting the feeling that the authors were trying really really hard to sell me a commercial version of body language Often things were exaggeratedly emphasized in a clickbaity way and I would not have been surprised to see chapter titles such as You will not believe how your boss is dominating you or Seven ultra secret signals she's into youSearching for information about the authors I see that neither of them is a psychologist or scientist of any kind They're just really really good salespeople who've found their niche That makes me a bit skeptical about the validity of the interpretations they offerThere are other clues that make me doubt the content One is the studies cited at the end The book often contained phrases such as studies show or research says However if I wanted to read about the study mentioned in chapter X point Y and flipped the pages to the end of the book surprise Instead of showing the research in the order it is cited it is shown alphabetically That means that I have to wade through a few hundred cited sources to see which applies and I am pretty sure this was done on purpose The other objection I have with the studies is that most of them are from the 70s The newest ones are from 2003 That leads me to believe that a a lot of this research has been debunkedupdatedcouldn't be replicated and that b the authors purposefully selected only those sources that had a vague resemblance to the point they were trying to make and stretched the interpretation in a sensationalist mannerA few other things bothered me One was the old gramps who's trying to be hip cringe humor The second was the outdated examples and references it really shows that the book hasn't been edited for a newer audience but is still stuck somewhere in the 80s 90s in mentality too Then there were the problems I had encountered in the previous body language book I had read although to a lesser extent hereFirst the book had a really strong emphasis on man vs man or man vs woman relationshipsSecond there were very few references to woman vs woman relationships In fact the authors presented a very pettycatty attitude between women as the only plausible one What about female friends Is the notion that alienThird all the interactions between men and women were interpreted in a sexual manner What about the young man arguing with the old woman in the bus over the position of the window I bet the authors would say that the opening and closing of the window is a suggestive sexual allusion or whatever More so women were seen as always submissive in their gestures in a man's presence I'm not going to go into thatFourth men were also presented as some sort of primitive grunting beasts ready to jump at each other's throats OK I am exaggerating but the authors did seem to see them as very simplistic beings incapable of any kind of complex thoughts I find this particularly insultingAgain I think that most of the things mentioned in the paragraph above have a very high commercial value and while they might carry some form of truth yes there are differences between the two sexes they have been exaggerated for the public because this is what sells and this is what the public wants to hearreadAll in all this was another book I used as research for the series I am writing The best thing about it is that a it's comprehensive there are even chapters about mirroring another person's body language or height differences or seating positions and b it has useful illustrations I recommend it to other aspiring writers just be careful to take it with a grain of saltAs a bonus checking this book I realize that my characters' body language has been pretty well written just too detailed and hard to follow at points

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The Definitive Book of Body LanguageBook of Epub #218 Available for the first time in the United States this international bestseller reveals the secrets of nonverbal communication to give you confidence and control in any face to face encounter–from making a great first impression and acing a job interview to finding the right partnerIt The Definitive PDFEPUBis a scientific fact that people’s gestures give away their true intentions Yet most of us don’t know how to read body language–and don’t realize how our own physical movements speak to others Now the world’s foremost Aside from there being misinformation scattered about Napoleon wasn't 5'4 George W Bush didn't get his first passport when he became president the authors completely rely on logical fallacies to prove their points They make huge sweeping generalizations they said Britain Germany etc have been world powers is because their populations often mirror body language What And also that heavy smokers haven't been breast fed whereas non smokers have been and completely lost their credibility Then the gender differences they pointed out always seemed to paint women in an unforgiving light to say the least You can get all the basic information via Google and spare yourself the sensationalized sweeping generalizations