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Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate Your Opponents into Making Mistakes Audio Download: Amazoncouk: Alexander Fitzgerald Alexander Fitzgerald DB Publishing: Audible Audiobooks Free read ë 106

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Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate Your Opponents into Making Mistakes Audio Download: Alexander Fitzgerald, Alexander Fitzgerald, DB Publishing: AudiblReate the circumstances where your opponents will be likely to blunder and how to exploit them when they do To achieve this you will need to put to one side starting hand charts balance Play in Live Poker How Kindle and GTO Game Theory Optimal play Instead you will incorporate new concepts that may well place you outside your comfort zone However your style will now be forcing the other players at the table outside of their comfort zone and unlike you they won t know how to adapt Learn how to Counter. Before you start you have to put away your preconceived ideas about poker training This is not a GTO approach designed to make yourself unexploitable against the best players in the world This is designed to allow you to take advantage of the ordinary players you meet on a daily basis This feels very uncomfortable in places because to exploit others you have to become exploitable yourself This means much of the advice offered can run counter to a lot of other poker content training It s very easy to simply read it and think the advice is wrong It isn t but it is differentAlex addresses this issue directly Since 90% of poker players lose why would you do what they do Or care what they think This takes us into one of the areas that is a bit of an issue with this book Alex carefully breaks down each strategy with an analytical review of his databases He has lots But I think that because he is aware that the advice he gives is very non standard that he feels he has to drive home his reasoning I have read uite a lot of his work he produces a lot of free poker content and collaborates a lot so I read this book with a general understanding of his perspective Reading it again several times felt like an unnecessary task Having said that when I first read his work I thought the guy was an idiot and it took a while to understand his approach So to a first time reader it probably does help reassure that this guy knows what he is talking about When he starts to talk about player pool tendencies backed up by detailed analysis the plays make sense which makes me confident about using them in my gamesSome specific areas my game has improved based on this book Well my 3 betting is much improved I now do it much but at the same time I am very clear about what I am trying to achieve how I am achieving it and when I am doing it I play position far better than I have done previously There are other areas too I pay much attention to my opponents and recognise their errors better which in turn allows me to exploit them without much chance of them exploiting me back Best of all the advice is relatively easy to implement Recognise a spot and make the move Much simpler than worrying about balancing ranges and freuencies that you need to be a genius to hold in your headI m not a high stakes pro If you are there s better training out there for you I m a reliably profitable low stakes recreational player This book is targetted right at my player pool and right at my ability to make work Just make sure you aren t too worried about what the other people are saying behind your back as you stack their chips

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The auto continuation bettor Develop a powerful donk betting strategy Use the overbet the check raise and the three barrel effectively As well as being a highly successful player Alex Fitzgerald runs a poker consultancy that serves than professional poker players in countries As part of this work he has very likely trawled through hand history databases than anyone else This gives him a uniue insight into how players really play especially when placed under pressure and forced into unfamiliar situations. Yes a very good book Distils a lot of live and online databases and experience for us all Resulting in plays lines that we should all incorporate I ll have to read it again and boil it down in notes English should have been checked before publishing bad grammar reduces the credibility of any text many examples but one is the exact same as should be exactly the same as Students are not taught English in school so I don t blame it on the writers But the publisher should know better

Read & Download Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate Your Opponents into Making Mistakes Audio Download: Alexander Fitzgerald, Alexander Fitzgerald, DB Publishing: Audible Audiobooks

Exploitative Play in Live Poker How to Manipulate Your Opponents into Making Mistakes Audio Download Amazon co uk Alexander Fitzgerald Alexander Fitzgerald DB Publishing Audible AudiobooksMany poker players can make good decisions at in Live PDF #10003 the table with a reasonable freuency Nevertheless there are numerous situations where even very experienced players behave in predictable ways These deeply ingrained habits lead them to Exploitative Play eBook #204 make mistakes The problem is that these situations won t often arise at the table by chance you have to make them happen Exploitative Play in Live Poker is a ground breaking work that teaches you Play in Live ePUB #9734 how to c. A brilliant handbook for learning Alex s fundamentals Very clearly presented and will likely at least pay for itself so doesn t really cost anything