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Notre-Dame: The Soul of France Read & download Ä 100

Read & download Notre-Dame: The Soul of France

Notre-Dame: The Soul of France Read & download Ä 100 Â ❮Download❯ ➾ Notre-Dame: The Soul of France ➼ Author Agns Poirier – The profound emotion felt around the world upon seeing images of Notre Dame in flames opens up a series of uestions Why was everyone so deeply moved The profound emotion felt around the world upon Soul of ePUB #9734 seeing images of Notre Dame in flames opens up a series of uestions Why was everyone so deeply moved Why does Notre Dame so clearly crystallise what our civilisation is about What makes ‘Our Lady of Paris’ the soul of a nation and a symbol of human achievement What is it that speaks so directly to us today  In answer Agnès Poirier turns to the defi. Well I wanted to love this AP had raised an exciting and beautifully written history in her “Left Bank” That fixed expectations for all readers to come Here now it’s not that Notre Dame is a disappointment but it does feel very hurriedly composedOne can hardly think of a figure better placed to define the meaning cultural spiritual political of N D and the disaster which nearly killed it for non French people The story so deserves a full blast of Poirier And the result here is OK a useful primer on how N D came indeed to be the soul of France alongside a journalistic account of the night of the fire the heroism of the saviours the trauma for a nation All perfectly serviceableBut who for the aspirationally breathless narrative of the blow by blow response to the fire’s outbreak let pass the phrase “Time is of the essence” It appears twice Elsewhere we also have “Precision was of the essence”; “one never takes for granted”; “all colours and creeds” and there is an inexplicable over use of words like “insurrectional” and “refractory” And sentences do need verbs The text needs spruce not stodgeIn spite much of the writing eg N D under Napoleon Hugo De Gaulle is really fluent It is all such a thrilling story But again it is a sadness that some parts drift into argot brochure To wit“To see how the image carversdepicted lust you’ll sic need to visit the cathedral herself once she is reopened” Or“Notre Dame impresses itself on the viewer through the union of solemnity and serenity in its ornamentation”Bad enough However the references to some ersatz notion of national character jar like incessant verbal hiccups Things have hardly been this bad since Hazareesingh’s “How the French think” For since there is no such entity as “the French” we should not be exposed to remarks like “The French often turn to literature in the wake of national catastrophes” Do they More than the Swedes or the TurksAnd why the sardonic reference to France as “a country where people traditionally rely on the state for almost everything in life” Just too tabloid too clichédFinally “What is this French urge to be radical to reform and dazzle the world” A load of inverted old rosbifery that’s whatAP gets a lot right Notre Dame does indeed glorify both its city and the world around it Everyone who has ever visited will remember his or her first time over the threshold and into that narcotic thrill of space and stone Maybe it is just not easy to distil its own soul into prose That said this is a very good effort But I for one hope it will be possible for the fabulously talented AP to re visit that effort someday There is and better to be said no

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Ning moments Notre Dame The eBook #193 in Notre Dame’s history Beginning with the laying of the corner stone in she recounts the conversion of Henri IV to Catholicism the coronation of Napoleon Victor Hugo’s th century campaign to preserve the cathedral Baron Haussmann’s clearing of the streets in front of it the Liberation in the s film of The Hunchback of Notre Dame starring Gina Lollobrigida and Anthony uinn an. Agnès Poirier is a distinguished journalist and historian of modern France On the night of the Notre Dame fire in 2019 she watched events from the window of her apartment and from the precincts of the cathedral In an impressive piece of long form journalism she weaves together a vivid account of the fire and of the first few months of work to save the building with a brief account of the events which bind the building to French history Its construction; its connections to the former French monarchy; its bizarre use during the revolutionary period; Napoleon's megalomaniac self coronation; General de Gaulle celebrating the liberation of Paris amid gunfire About the prospects of Notre Dame being restored within five years as President Macron proposes she is uietly sceptical About the calculated indolence of the catholic church less uietly soLet's hope that in five years' time she writes a second edition to update us on progress But can a secular state have a soul

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Notre Dame The Soul of FranceD the state funeral of Charles de Gaulle before returning to The Soul of MOBI #240 the present The conflict over Notre Dame’s reconstruction promises to be fierce Nothing short of a cultural war is already brewing between the wise and the daring the sincere and the opportunist historians and militants the devout and secularists It is here that Poirier reveals the deep malaise gilet jaunes and all at the heart of Franc. This is a fascinating read Poirier writes vividly of the night of the fire much of which she observed first hand and then follows a snapshot of various events in the history of Notre Dame encompassing the Bourbons Napoleon Victor Hugo and General de Gaulle Finally she brings us to date on the restoration and reconstuction Essential reading for anyone who cares about the great cathedral and about Paris itself