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A Dictionary of London Place-Names review ✓ 3

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A Dictionary of London Place NamesHave you ever wondered where of London Kindle #214 the unusual names of Elephant and Castle Grim s Ditch Soho and World s End come from Find out the linguistic and historical origins of these place names and discover their significance in recording English cultural heritage From Abbey Road to Canary Wharf andPiccadilly to Whipps Cross this authoritative and absorbing dictionary covers the. A fascinating supplement to the library of anyone interested in the history of this great and venerable capital city I do however wonder if there is perhaps some slight disinclination on the author s part to acknowledge London s less seemly underbelly and in particular etymological origins that may originate from the sex industry which after all is as they say the oldest profession known to man and endemic in every city in the world Every other source I ve come across ascribes the name Cock Lane to the erstwhile activities of un licenced prostitutes and their customers whilst Mr Mills suggests it probably derives from the specialised trade of rearing and selling fighting cocks Considering that cock fighting and similar fringe amusements were predominantly located on the south bank of the river a cockpit is shown here on John Rocue s 18thc map along with a bear baiting pit this explanation seems less than convincing to me Likewise Love Lane has become in Mr Mills view likely a venue for young lovers to promenade up and down but my understanding is that this is in itself a rather modern and cleaned up interpretation of the lovers lane phenomenon These were generally secluded areas courting people habituated for much lustier reasons Gropec t Lane though later renamed has completely disappeared and neither is any mention made of Maggey Blakes Cause a short alleyway off Shad Thames whose intriguing name surely deserves inclusion While I would not wish to give an impression of being overly prurient I do feel that to wilfully apparently omit reference to an entire sphere of activity such as prostitution even bearing in mind the current moral atmosphere is a disservice to the true gritty human nature and character of London Town Overall however a valuable addition to the bookshelf

review A Dictionary of London Place-Names

A Dictionary of London Place-Names review ✓ 3 Æ [PDF] ❤ A Dictionary of London Place-Names Author A. David Mills – Have you ever wondered where the unusual names of Elephant and Castle Grim s Ditch Soho and World s End come from Find out the linguistic and historical origins of these place namesMeanings behind over names A Dictionary PDF of places streets stations and areas of LondonThe book comprises two main parts a fascinating introduction discussing the chronology and structure of London place names following the development of the city from pre Celtic times to the present day and an A Z of the place names themselves giving their date of first record origins andassociations. Have only read parts of this dictionary very informative

A. David Mills ò 3 review

It also features maps of London a useful Dictionary of London eBook #8608 glossary of the elements in London place names a select bibliography and recommended web linksNow revised and updated to include the latest in names research and to include new place names this remains an excellent reference guide for local historians and a captivating read for both Londoners and visitors to the ci. Very interesting reading some surprising history too